Pastured Rainbow Eggs

We have been working hard to build an egg business on our farm that we can truly be proud of. Our breeding priorities are: hearty birds that lay well, have optimum health and live long, are great foragers, and lay the brightest rainbow of eggs. We keep our birds on rotating pasture in a large chicken tractor where they help us till fields and reclaim vegetable beds. This means they have access to fresh air, sunshine, bugs, green plant matter, and plenty of room to just be a chicken. If you didn’t know, a chicken can eat a lot of grass and weeds! They are also fed certified organic layer feed, free choice oyster shells for strong thick egg shells, and left over veggies that don’t sell at market. They’re spoiled, but they give back to us with an amazing array and quantity of eggs, who’s yolks are dark orange and full of nutrients. It can’t get much better if you’re a chicken!

If you’d like to see more photos of our chickens, pasture set up, and eggs, please check out our Instagram!


Hatching Eggs!

We are happy to sell mixed hatching eggs from our flock. We have about 30 hens of various breeds who lay a variety of colours and three very handsome roosters. Our roosters are all show quality stock from a very reputable local breeder. We have two Ameraucanas and one Black Copper Maran rooster running with our hens. That is a 10 to 1 average which is ideal for fertility rates. If you are interested in picking up some hatching eggs, give us a shout! We try our best to accomadate certain colour requests if you give us a few days notice, but there is no gaurentee that a certain hen who lays a certain colour will be laying during your collection window. We keep our collected hatching eggs indoors and turn them to ensure optimum embryo health. Please know we are very small scale, so we cannot guarantee hatching percentages, but past clients and ourselves have had excellent success with these eggs. Being small scale also means we are affordable! $25 a dozen, but we are unable to ship at this time, so you will need to arrange your own pick up (although we can probably meet you at a market with your dozen if that is easier). You’ll need an incubator or a dedicated broody hen to complete the mission, sorry no live chick sales at this time.


Eggs for your table

Whether you sign up for our Egg CSA or purchase eggs from us directly at market, you will not be disappointed with the flavour of what our girls can produce. I truly believe that happy hens make yummier eggs. There is something about having access to fresh greens and being able to run, scratch, and be who God intended them to be! These eggs are not quite as colourful as our hatching eggs, but you’ll usually find a gem or two in each dozen that will bring a smile to your face. Please note: These eggs are not technically certified organic, if you are interested in knowing why just ask, it is a good story. As stated above, our birds are fed certified organic feed and of course live on certified organic farm land and get certified organic vegetable snacks. They are as close as you can come without taking the major leap, or flight, into CO land.