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CSA Overview

Aslan Organics’ CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program offers an innovative approach to the typical veggie box program of other CSA’s. We give the control of what is in the box to you, the supporting member, allowing you to assemble the box with the produce you want. With convenient locations at the Yarrow Market, Abbotsford Market, and Coquitlam Market, we try to make our program as easy as possible for you.

We are limiting our CSA program to 50 members for the 2019 season. CSA collections begin the week of June 7th, will run for a period of 19 weeks including four flex weeks (read about these below) for a total of 15 collections. Our 2019 crop plan includes a variety of more than 30 vegetables, giving you a wide range of choices when visiting our stand. Half share memberships (for smaller families or lesser consumption) are available.

Sign up and place your deposit before March 15th and you receive 1 additional box credited to your account for the program duration (double up on storage crops or bulk fruit next fall). If you pay in full by March 15, we'll credit you with 2 additional boxes in the program (15% incentive). Work shares are available if you'd like to get involved in a more hands on way and be paid in vegetables. Trades or work shares are excluded from the incentive. 

If you don’t need the details, the sign-up form is below this information.


Come with a plan, Pick what you want

The first thing we do each week is email our CSA members with a weekly Fresh Sheet, this email will provide you with a list of veggies you can expect to see at our booth when you arrive. It will also include the price so you can plan how to spend your weekly allotment, and thus help you plan your family’s weekly food needs. This allows you to think through your grocery list before coming to market so that you know exactly what you can get from us and what to look for from other vendors/stores/etc.

In addition to being able to come with a plan, you get to pick what you want to go into your shopping bag each week. Maybe you aren’t the biggest fan of cabbage. No problem, just bypass it for something else that you love. Need to stock up on copious amounts of our outstanding Salad Mix for your dinner party? The choice is all yours, and the possibilities are endless!

Amazing food with perks!

As a way of saying “Thank You!” to those of you who choose to support our program, we offer special pricing on many of our products (often 10-15% off!). We also offer our CSA members first dibs on many “first fruits” vegetables that we typically have limited quantities of, as well as the option to choose exclusive items from other organic farms we partner with (fruit/berries/grains were options last year).

We realize how big of a risk it can be to hand a farm your investment during the off season, with only the promise of what is to come. But it’s those very contributions that allow our farm to get off the ground during a time of year that nothing is growing. It allows us to buy our seeds, compost, and other winter purchases. You, the members, make it possible to start every year off with a bang!

Seriously. Thank you!



A CSA that is all about CONVENIENCE

Our CSA will have three pick up locations so wherever you are in the Fraser Valley you are able to get your veggies. Whether it is Friday nights at the Yarrow Farm Market, Saturday mornings at the Abbotsford Farm and Country Market, or Sunday Mornings at the Coquitlam Farmer’s Market, we will be there!

Expecting to be camping or away on holidays over the summer? No problem! We offer four “flex weeks” where you can choose to not pick up your vegetables without sacrificing your weekly allotment. These weeks can be used as you see fit.

Pick your favourite things and don’t get stuck with weeks of eggplant that your kids won’t touch!

Full CSA Share – $375

Half CSA Share – $187.50

Egg CSA Share – $105


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Full CSA Share – $375

Half CSA Share – $187.50

Egg CSA Share – $105

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There is nothing more gratifying than knowing where your food comes from and having a relationship with the farmers who have grown it! I love being able to choose fresh, local, organic produce to feed my family!
— 2018 CSA Giveaway Winner
One of our favourite activities through the summer is heading to the market to Aslan Organics to pick up our fresh, local, organic produce for the week!
— The Sawatsky Family



We work with those who have forged ahead of us, picking up the best and most proven methods along the way to deliver you an extremely healthy and delicious product that exceeds your previous experience with eggs or vegetables. Our products will overload your taste buds with joy. If not, just come to us at market to explain your disappointment, and we will find a way to make you happy.


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About Us

Shane and Emma Rozeveld


I’m holding an art project I did in the 3rd grade. It’s a simple picture, drawn on white paper with what looks like dull crayons. But on the page is a drawing of a beautiful country scenery, with a lovely two story house and barn, and a big tractor, my 3rd grade self driving with confidence and waving a huge “hello!” (Seriously, you need to see how oversized this hand is.) Written in green is “I want to be a farmer when I grow up.”

It’s so interesting to watch your entire life head in a certain direction when all of a sudden you wake up to realize, “This isn’t what I actually want to do.” I had been working for 8 years, sought out 2 degrees, and spent 9 years of school working towards this tumultuous vocation, and I could no longer keep doing it. As a result, I opened the door to the solace of agrarianism, only to realize I had found my true home–this is where I belonged.

And so I refine my craft, one day at a time. And I couldn’t do any of this without saying thank you to my family. Thank you to my wife and my son, for how steadfast you are in the support of this farm. To my parents, who somehow instilled so much of what I need to be good at this. And to you, the community, who supports this project.

It’s magical. It’s Eden.