Our Team

At Aslan Organics, we don’t just view you as an employee. Rather, we interpret our relationship as one reflective of the community we live in: We’re in this together. As such, we don’t just want people to come to work for a paycheque, we want our team members to want to be here. Whether it’s over a beer after work, a campfire on a cool summers eve, or dinner at our home, you’re integrated into an environment of becoming an extension of our family.


Shane & Emma, Owners

Shane & Emma bring a deep well of knowledge and experience to the helm of Aslan Organics. Shane helped his family farm cover more than 250 acres per year through his teens, and Emma helped her family vegetable plot build up more than 18 inches of humus over her 20 year mentorship alongside her father. Together, their hard work combined with a wealth of knowledge has accelerated their ability to start their dream of Market Gardening.


Molly Wright, Harvest Manager

Molly and her family have lived in the Yarrow area for decades, and have always called this place their home. Molly returns to our farm for her second year full time in the Spring of 2019. This year, she takes the reins of the harvesting program on the farm as she becomes the Harvest Manager. Molly is a total rockstar, ensuring consistently high quality products so that when you have a bite of our food, it’s better than anything you’ve ever had before.


Open for 2019, Farm Hand

Aslan Organics wants to hire two full time positions for the summer of 2019. The correct candidates will be interested in our farm, but also in something meaningful–a person called to be an Agrarian.

If that’s you, open this job description and apply to be part of our team. Resumés are due by 8am PST March 1, 2019, housing an option for on time resumés.

All details for resumé submission are found in the resumé file posted above or in the box below.